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Ajman free zone establishment card renewal form

Ajman Emirate strived to establish the electronic government since 2012, aiming to set up unique, specific and successful discipline.

 This discipline adopts the concept of promoting digital transformation within strategic and smart plans in order to reorganize Ajman Digital Government.

Ajman Government always seeks to provide all the legislative tools and the objective regulatory means to get over any obstacles that face the government authorities to lead a smart digital transformation all over the governmental agencies.

Therefore, digital transformation is considered a significant sign in the history of the government system of Ajman under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, the ruler of Emirate of Ajman.

Also, Ajman digital government endeavors to present a special and marvelous package of high quality, responsive government services to public Ajman residents based on creativity and novelty.

Ajman free zone
Ajman free zone

Ajman free zone

Ajman free zone is honored to provide several distinguished government services such as establishment card, Pro card and ID card issuance for employee under agreement, etc….

What is an Establishment Card ?

It is a main document including your specific information about your owned organization; it is the same shape as the bank card.

It contains several data such as:

  • The company’s name.
  • Card number
  • Expiry date

All the above mentioned content is written in both English and Arabic language.

The most useful and significant information is the establishment card number, some instructions to the documents holder and the way to contact the AMER service.

Establishing card includes several important procedures such as

 (new, renewal, amendment and cancellation based on the policies and laws regarded in Ajman free zone.

Establishing card includes many required procedures as following:

Firstly: The required documents:

Approval report based on business.

Secondly: Service Procedures:

There are few steps in order to get the required establishment card as follows:

  • Client submits the application in the free zone within the well-known channels.
  • Studying the application by the concerned employee in order to verify it.
  • Transferring the application to the targeted department to achieve and complete it.
  • Updating the establishment card data and upload it in the system
  • The client should log in the system to view or download the document.

Thirdly: Service Fees

Based on the applied policies and laws in Ajman Free Zone

Fourthly: Service Duration

Two business days

Applying Establishment Card

To apply for the establishment card application, the client should log in the account of Ajman Free Zone Portal.

Renewal Establishment Card

Renewal Establishment card is a vital procedure to work safely in the UAE. Otherwise you will face repercussions, if said document expires.

It is necessary to implement the renewal process several weeks in advance before the expiry date, but after renewing the company’s registration.

Also, renewal procedure can be done online or via AMER Service.

Renewal Procedure online

It is extremely easy to achieve said procedure through the following steps:

  • Fill the form online.

Ajman free zone establishment card renewal form
Ajman free zone establishment card renewal form
  • Making the payments via “ naqodi “
  • Attach the printed receipt along with the documents
  • Submitting immigration branch.
  • Obtaining the renewal card through 2 business days, or the same day if it is urgent.

Renewal Procedure online via AMER Service

If the client doesn’t have an online website. Renewal will be done safely through AMER Service by the following procedures:

  • Getting the online form typed at AMER Center.
  • Bringing the following documents such as:
  • Original establishment card
  • Hard Copy of the trade license
  • Location map in Arabic
  • Valid tenancy contract
  • Passport and Emirates ID photocopies of authorized signatory

In conclusion, really establishment card is a useful and essential card to work safely and legally in UAE.

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