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How to pay mawaqif by sms

SMS stopping in Abu Dhabi by Mawaqif is a helpful manner to pay stopping charges. Sent off in 2009 by the Department of Transport, Mawaqif is a paid stopping framework intended to work with residents to observe satisfactory parking spaces with simple installment choices. Peruse on to figure out additional about how SMS stopping in the capital city works.

How to pay mawaqif by sms ?

Here is the new Abu Dhabi Mawaqif SMS design for portable installments. This will make it particularly advantageous for the individuals who don’t have private stopping offices close to their office or level for lease in Abu Dhabi.

Open another message on your telephone and type 3009 in the Sender’s field. In the ‘Message’ field, type a message as indicated by the new configuration for SMS stopping in Abu Dhabi, which is:

City and Plate Code class <space> Plate number <space> Parking type <space> Duration.

Your Mawaqif leaving SMS for an Abu Dhabi enlisted vehicle should resemble this for example – AUH10 12345 S 2. The Parking Type in the organization alludes to ‘S’ for Standard Parking and ‘P’ for Premium Parking. ‘S’ or Standard Parking charges are AED 2 for one hour and ‘P’ or Premium Parking charges are AED 3 every hour.

The most effective method to GET AN EXTENSION ON YOUR PARKING

Whenever you’ve sent the message in the right arrangement, you will get an affirmation message and an update message 10 minutes before the designated stopping term lapses. Type ‘E’ and send it to 3009 to get an expansion on your stopping.

Abu Dhabi parking SMS for UAE registered vehicles

Already, observing a parking space was an exhausting assignment for those showing up in Abu Dhabi from different emirates. While local people and guests should be cautious about complying with the Abu Dhabi stopping rules, it is presently more straightforward to pay for assigned paid parking spaces in the capital. These leaving rules incorporate enlisting your vehicle and picking the right leaving term to give some examples. Not complying with the principles can prompt heavy Abu Dhabi traffic fines.

Most parking spots in the capital were doled out to vehicles with an Abu Dhabi enrollment with stringently controlled timings.

Fortunately, the new redone Abu Dhabi Mawaqif SMS leaving framework has made leaving in the capital basic for vehicles enlisted in different urban areas. If it’s not too much trouble, allude to the accompanying table for Abu Dhabi SMS leaving codes for vehicles enrolled in different emirates.

The SMS leaving design for vehicles from different emirates is equivalent to Abu Dhabi enlisted vehicles. For instance, SMS leaving design for a vehicle enlisted in Dubai ought to be DXBA 12345 S 1. Additionally, a leaving SMS for a Ras Al Khaimah enlisted vehicle would be RAKN 12345 S 1.

That is totally supportive of our manual for Mawaqif stopping SMS in Abu Dhabi. Paying for stopping in the capital city is basic and simple with a few choices including installment through a SMS administration. As per the new framework, all vehicles enlisted inside the UAE can utilize the SMS leaving administration across the city. For SMS stopping in the adjoining emirate, look at the total manual for SMS stopping.

Although the process of paying mawaqif by sms is simple, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the cost of your parking, and that you know the zone number for the area where you parked. Also, be aware that there is a surcharge for paying by sms, so make sure to factor that into your calculations. Have you tried using this method to pay for your mawaqif ? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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