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seabreeze cargo abu dhabi contact number

seabreeze cargo Abu Dhabi contact numbers are several include toll free number which is -8002733. It presents its conveyance services in many countries in GCC and India to cover both local and universal borders.

Contact seabreeze cargo ABU DHABI

Madina Zayed

+971 2 635 0777
+971 50 993 6203

Near Russian Embassy

+971 2 552 9107
+971 54 420 2881

Track Your Shipment ( seabreeze cargo)

In order to track your order, please go to the following link:

seabreeze cargo taracking
seabreeze cargo taracking

Sea Breeze’s Aims

Since 1998 Seabreeze organization has searched to consolidate its operations in the thirteenth year in India and UAE.

Today SeaBreeze couriers have a real experience in the field of freight and messenger industry within experienced employees who work effectively all over GCC and India.

SeaBreeze core working idea

SeaBreeze core working idea is summarized in acknowledgment of franchisee idea power in the messenger field between India and UAE.

Seabreeze Branches

It owns a wide range of productive system via various special workplaces in UAE “Bur Dubai, Deira, Al Qouz, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Musaffah”, and K.S.A “Jeddah, Dammam”, as well as all the critical Indian destinations.

Seabreeze courier

SeaBreeze couriers succeeded in developing the principle of quality to quality everywhere in its organization such as departments, staffs and customers in order to meet the customers’ elevated expectations as

a premium supplier.

Seabreeze’s Vision

Seabreeze’s vision is how to find urgent solutions to predict the customers’ expectations in order to set a plan for every eventuality.

Therefore, SeaBreeze planned from the beginning to be the premier supplier of total logistics services in GCC.

Whatever the client’s cargo, SeaBreeze will provide the smart solutions as soon as possible.

It is clear that seabreeze cargo Abu Dhabi contact numbers are the magical stick whatever land, sea or air cargo.

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