You are currently viewing Al ain juniors school British system admissions 2022

Al ain juniors school British system admissions 2022

If you’re looking for a British-style education for your child, Al Ain Juniors School is definitely worth considering. Read on to learn about the admissions process and what to expect if your child is accepted.

What is Al Ain Junior School (AJS) ?

Al Ain Juniors is situated locally of Falaj Hazzaa. It is an undertaking of AJ Group of Schools that claims Al Ain Juniors Nursery, Zakher Private School and The Hope Center for Students with Special Educational Needs (SEND) necessities.

Presently, the school offers a double educational plan – Indian and British. The British educational program was presented when Al Ain Juniors School’s new structure was finished. In 2003, the British framework moved to the principal wing of the grounds and in the next year, the Indian System was moved to the subsequent wing. Al Ain Juniors runs two distinct educational plans under a solitary exchange, MOE and Chamber of Commerce License. The school is partnered with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India and is licensed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, U.K.

What is the admission system for Al Ain Juniors School British ?

Grades 1 – 6 :

The chose understudy will be welcome to a virtual standard appraisal, they will participate in the age/grade fitting composed evaluation which incorporates General Aptitude, Mathematics and Literacy-English:- 1 hour will be given to endeavor the paper-30 minutes for each paper.

In light of the aftereffect of the appraisal, a Virtual meeting with Student/Parent and VP/Counselor will be booked.

Grades 7 – 12 :

The chose understudy will be welcome to a virtual standard appraisal, they will participate in the age/grade fitting composed evaluation which incorporates General Aptitude, Mathematics, Literacy-English, Science for around one and half hour.

In view of the aftereffect of the evaluation, a Virtual meeting with Student/Parent (VP/Counselor) will be planned.

Confirmation will be allowed on the accompanying circumstances :

  • Kin are given vital.
  • Severe consistence to school’s arrangements and consent to ordinary installment.
  • Benchmark Assessment aftereffects of the candidate will be thought of.
  • Understudies with complete archives will be first thought of.
  • Confirmation might be affirmed upon installment of the enrollment expense.
  • Confirmation won’t be given for kin of charge defaulters and sporadic expense payers.
  • Kin of understudies with a decent intellectual and social record will be thought of.
  • Guardians concur that confirmation naturally involves assent on the expense installment strategy and transport strategy of the school.
  • Choice of the Principal stays last.

The information exchange process for New Parents (Existing Parents should avoid the Signup interaction and Login Directly)

al ain juniors school british parent login

  • Click on “Create an account”.
  • Enter your Email ID and snap on “Send OTP.”
  • You will get an email with the OTP for joining.
  • Enter the OTP on the information exchange Screen, Set a Password and Confirm the Password.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Enter your Name, Relationship with the candidate and Mobile Number.
  • Click on “Sign up”.
  • You will be endorsed into the confirmation gateway.
  • You will likewise get a Sign-up affirmation email right away.

Login Process (For Existing Parents)

  • Enter your username (Email) and the secret word utilized for information exchange during the past advance.
  • Click on “Login”.

Application Form

  • Whenever you are signed in, click on “Register Student.”
  • Pick the School Applying for as: “Al Ain Juniors School – British System” – Please guarantee that you are picking the right school. We won’t be dependable assuming you pick the inaccurate school starting from the drop.
  • After you pick the school, the application structure is shown with a popup of the multitude of reports.
  • (Required/Non-Mandatory) that is recorded in the framework.
  • You might shut the Pop-down and start filling the Admission Form.
  • Click “Next” subsequent to filling Student Details and Previous School Details (if any).

al ain juniors fees

Tuition Fees in Al Ain Juniors School varies based on the grade your child is studying in. In addition, there are other costs which must be considered such as transportation and school supplies. This can make it difficult to budget for sending your child to school. Here we provide an overview of the tuition fees and associated costs for each grade so that you can better plan for your child’s education.

Al ain juniors school fees

Al ain juniors school fees 2022

Online Admission for British System

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