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Al khan nursery sharjah fees 2022

When you’re looking for a place to send your little one for nursery school, you want to ensure that the fees are affordable. But you also want to be sure that the nursery offers a high-quality education. Al Khan Nursery in Sharjah is a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable option. The nursery offers a variety of courses and activities to help your child learn and grow. You can be confident knowing that your child is in good hands at Al Khan Nursery.

“Experience the universe of adoration, chuckling and Joy” at Al Khan Nursery, says Mrs. Dania, the author and current Director of Al Khan Nursery.

Al khan nursery sharjah

What is Al Khan Nursery Sharjah ?

Al Khan nursery was laid out in 1985 and follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage Framework for kids from 2.5 to 4 years old. The nursery is situated in the Al Ghubaiba area of Sharjah. Al Khan Nursery offers a safe and sustaining climate where kids are urged to fabricate self-interactive abilities, mindfulness and self-improvement in an assorted setting through different drawing in play-based learning open doors. Kids at this age generally assimilate data from their environmental elements. The coordinated educational plan consolidates programs that advance learning through music, dramatization, workmanship, dance, projects, open air play, field excursions, and experience. The nursery pursues the current directions in childcare and training approach. Al Khan Nursery acquaints the youngster with a universe of chances where their character thrives. Homerooms are separated into various segments in view of the youngsters’ age bunch. The nursery guarantees a quality climate and the instructors give kids an extremely significant degree of pre-school preparing and give a strong premise to an effective scholarly vocation. Al Khan Nursery attempts to sustain and engage each kid to foster their confidence and capacities to be a mindful, dependable resident and pioneer in the cutthroat worldwide universe of today. The nursery transforms little children into certain, mindful and free people by giving a protected, secure, energetic and animating learning air. Al Khan gives all kids comprehensive schooling in a blissful and innovative climate. Kids learn through play which is an invigorating and useful learning process. Al Khan’s educational plan is intended to support learning results pointed toward cultivating the advancement of youngsters in a comprehensive, moral, and worldwide setting. Al Khan Nursery shows kids fundamental human qualities like thoughtfulness, trustworthiness, liberality, opportunity, boldness, uniformity and regard. Kids are shown the qualities and obligations expected to become dynamic and contributing individuals from the local area.

Al khan nursery sharjah fees 2022

The full fees at the Khan Nursery as mentioned by them are Fees Range: 20,000 – 30,000.It is worth mentioning that the registration on their site is done by filling in the required fields, which are the following fields:

  • Student’s name.
  • Father’s name.
  • E-mail.
  • Phone number.
  • Student’s gender.

After that, click on the “Apply Now” button.

As for the working hours in Al Khan Nursery, they are all days of the week, except for Friday and Saturday, from eight to eleven and a half.


At what age can we admit our child in your nursery ?

The nursery accepts children between 2.6 – 4 years.

Is it a recognised Nursery?

Yes, the nursery is recognized by the UAE Ministry of Education and licensed by the Economic
Development Deptt., Ministry of Health and Civil Defense.

What curriculum do you follow ?

We follow the EYFS Curriculum and train children for various curricula viz. CBSE, ‘O’ Level etc.
Do you help parents in getting admission in regular schools?
Yes, the nursery is more than 33 years old and the children graduating from our nursery are gladly
accepted by all the schools. we recommend the children to various schools in the UAE and the success
rate is almost 100 %.

Are the buses air-conditioned ?

Yes, the school operates air conditioned deluxe coaches for the comfort of children.

Are the buses escorted ?

Yes, all our buses are escorted by female teachers and attendants. Utmost care is taken for your
precious little ones so that they are comfortable and safe during the travel.

Do we have to come to the Nursery to pay the fees every month?

No, Kindly send the fees beginning of the month in a sealed envelope with your child’s full name clearly written on it and hand it over to the teacher or the attendant in the bus and the receipt shall be sent to you the same day.

How can we communicate with the management ?

You are most welcome to contact the principal, Mrs. Dania on phone or by SMS for any queries
pertaining to your child and in case you wish to meet her, kindly x-up an appointment in advance.

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