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What is Umm Al Quwain University ?

Umm Al Quwain University is viewed as the first spearheading advanced education foundation in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, which was laid out under the orders and support of His Highness Sheik Saud container Rashid Al Mualla to be a logical signal from which residents and exiles draw from the country’s residents to stay up with the goals of the work market and animate the sovereign of advancement and imagination to be dynamic supporters of the quick improvements in Science and Technology.

What is the educational platform provided by Umm Al Quwain University ?

The platform is accessed through the following link:

Elearn ecuc ac ae

The organization of Umm Al Quwain University looks to give the greatest prerequisites in the instructive interaction as per the mandates of the Commission for Academic Accreditation at the Ministry of Education, and to attempt to draw in the best scholastic capabilities and give the educational program that connects the understudy with useful applications so he participates in the work market with productivity and availability. Umm Al Quwain University adds to offering different types of assistance to the nearby local area and the state inside the structure of social obligation, by getting sorted out exercises and giving discussions in the fields of scholarly specializations at the college, where the college stepped up at a beginning phase to lay out the lawful center to be a sanctuary for the local area by giving lawful guidance and mindfulness.

The Director of Umm Al Quwain University, Dr. Jalal Hatem, said that the college has finished every one of the plans, and declared its availability to begin actuating the “distance schooling” framework for all college resources with its different specializations, beginning next Sunday and for a time of about a month.

He disclosed to “Emirates Today” that the college has a “distance training” stage since the beginning, and that it is prepared for the real send off, calling attention to that the college, with regards to arrangements, has shaped specialized groups and specialized help frameworks that will be prepared to help and make the analysis fruitful. He added that the college coordinated a progression of studios and boost addresses for teachers and understudies, and gave all “distance learning” necessities, and coursed utilization rules and plans. He brought up that the University Council, in its last uncommon gathering, took adequate specialized and specialized measures to carry out the “distance schooling” framework, to beware of understudies’ status and preparation, as the college beforehand claims an e-learning framework called LMS, and is right now strengthening preparing portions for teachers and understudies in what the future held the responsibility of the understudies to the hour of the talks. He expressed that the college has general media gadgets for teachers, and understudies will enter the framework through their cell phones, and he added that the college has specializations in business organization, mass correspondence, writing, science and regulation, and the talks will be as per the past timetables and simultaneously, and the teachers will be available in the pre-set auditorium. To disclose the talks to understudies from a distance.

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