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Mawaqif Ramadan timing 2024

Mawaqif is a public stopping framework carried out by the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi. All open stopping zones in the emirate are paid zones. Notwithstanding, free stopping in Abu Dhabi is accessible on Fridays and public occasions. There are large number of stopping meters introduced all through the city guaranteeing simple admittance to parking spots in the city. Mawaqif dates change from time to time, due to that, in this article we will talk about Mawaqif Ramadan timing.

What are the mawaqif times on normal days ?

Paid stopping in Abu Dhabi is from Saturday to Thursday – 8am toward the beginning of the day to 12am 12 PM.

  • Premium stopping (blue and white tones) is AED 3 every hour with a greatest stay of four hours.
  • Standard stopping (blue and dark tones) is AED 2 every hour or AED 15 for a day.

Mawaqif Parking is free on Fridays, official occasions and for crippled individuals. What’s more, the parking spots close to mosques are excluded from expenses for as long as a little ways from the call to supplication. The ITC actually encourage individuals to pay for the stopping expenses electronically.

Mawaqif Ramadan timing 2022

Mawaqif paid stopping times will be changed to somewhere in the range of 9am and 4pm, and 10.30pm to 2.30am, during Ramadan. Paid stopping is presently set up from 8am until 10pm, Saturday to Thursday. Stopping is free on Fridays and official occasions. The Department of Transport (DoT) has additionally absolved individuals going to the Tarawih petitions from paying the Mawaqif charges in the leaving coves around mosques during the request time, gave they don’t hinder different vehicles or impede the traffic stream. The DoT has additionally asked general society with comply to the guidelines in regards to inhabitant grant stopping inlets from 9pm to 8am.

Mawaqif Ramadan timing

For DoT client care focuses, working hours will be from 9am to 4pm, Saturday to Thursday, at the Central Market (Al Souq Al Markazi), Electra Street, Al Muroor Street and Al Falah Street while 9am to 4pm from Sunday to Thursday at the DoT HQ.

Why Mawaqif ?

Incorporated Transport Centers (ITC) started M-Mawaqif administrations to additionally work with drivers in Abu Dhabi. This assistance was presented for paying stopping expenses in a hurry utilizing cell phones.

You can likewise pay the stopping charge through DARBI – an internet based entrance by ITC. DARBI portable application is accessible on Apple and Google Play Store. You can get all the important data with respect to schedule via land, ocean and air across the emirate. DARBI additionally subtleties all the stopping regions, charges, timings, pinpoint areas of Mawaqif stopping meters. Different highlights include:

  • Realtime Parking
  • Shopping center Parking
  • Mawaqif Customer Care Centers
  • Mawaqif Pay for Parking
  • Unit Parking

There are a few circumstances that order involving Mawaqif and M-Mawaqif administration. We have recorded them underneath for your help:

  • Just vehicles with private number plate can enroll for a Mawaqif account.
  • You can profit M-Mawaqif online administrations provided that you are enlisted with Mawaqif.
  • UAE Etisalat and Du versatile endorsers can utilize Mawaqif and M-Mawaqif vehicle leaving administrations.
  • Occupants with private plate vehicles can get to M-Mawaqif administrations without enlistment.
  • M-Mawaqif rates are charged according to your levy plan.
  • All drivers are expected to enlist for M-Mawaqif.

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