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Mawaqif top up recharge

MAWAQIF Account is a new and imaginative help permitting drivers to make a MAWAQIF Account (for example put away worth record) which is connected to the driver’s enlisted Etisalat or Du portable number. When this MAWAQIF Account is made the driver tops-up this account by means of the solid on-line charge card installment choice and utilizations the assets in this record to pay for the m-mawaqif administration.

If you’re a regular Mawaqif user, then you know that topping up your account is essential for keeping it active. Here’s a guide on how to top up your Mawaqif account quickly and easily. Plus, we’ll tell you about some of the benefits of using Mawaqif

What are the payment methods in Mawaqif ?

  • Cash
  • Rechargeable card
  • Direct cell phone installment
  • Cell phone installment (m-MAWAQiF)
  • Mastercard (least AED 15)
  • Darbi Application on Apple Store or Google Store

How Mawaqif top up recharge ?

At the point when the card has lacking assets, you really want to top up your MAWAQiF record to involve it for stopping. You can top up your MAWAQiF account through:

Restricted Term Permits for Standard Parking

Also, drivers who consistently utilize standard parking spots might apply for restricted term licenses. These licenses are accessible for multi month, 90 days, a half year or a year through a one-time installment.

By utilizing this assistance, you can apply for a stopping grant to utilize the standard public parking spots in all areas of the Emirate, for 1 Month, 90 days, 6 Months and 12 Months. Be that as it may, this does exclude inhabitants’ parking garages, the top notch stopping, multi-story stopping and estate regions.

How top up Rechargeable Card ?

MAWAQiF offers the Rechargeable Card as an installment strategy for stopping charges in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Stopping clients in Abu Dhabi should connect the card to their record, which can be topped up whenever it might suit them through different re-energize techniques accessible.

The card is sold for AED 50 with an included equilibrium of a similar worth. The equilibrium is added to your MAWAQiF account once you actuate the card by connecting it to a record. You can actuate your card on the web or through a SMS by following the means beneath:

To Activate Your Card Online :

  • Sign in to your MAWAQiF account. In the event that you don’t have a record, click here to make another record.
  • Click on “Connection Rechargeable Card”.
  • Enter your card subtleties.
  • You will get an affirmation SMS and the current equilibrium once the connection is finished effectively.

Note: The card number comprises of 16 digits. Card Verification Code (CVC) is a 3-digit number and is recorded on the right half of the card number.

Connecting affirmation will be sent through SMS to your versatile with your accessible equilibrium. Assuming that you sent the actuation SMS and you don’t have a MAWAQiF account, we will naturally make a record for you against the versatile number you used to send the enactment SMS. A programmed enlistment notice message will be sent through a SMS alongside your new username (portable number) and secret word.

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