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Al Jahili Clinic in Al Ain contact number

No one can deny that medical services are one of the most essential and vital services in all over the world, and as a result they cannot be dispensed anymore. 

If you are in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Al Ain and you are looking for a great place to have any  medical service then you are in the right place, as in this article we will talk about one of the largest, most important and prominent health centers in this region which is Al Jahili Clinic. We will mention top services thos clinic provides, its location and much more other important information.

Where I can find Al Jahili clinic in Al Ain ?

It will not be so difficult for you to find Al Jahili Clinic in Al Ain, as it is in a prominent place and surrounded by many famous Al Ain landmarks.  specifically you can find it near to black horse karate in Sultan bin zayed street.

Al Jahili Clinic in Al Ain Appointment Booking ( contact number )

You can book an appointment by calling the following phone number:


Al Jahili Clinic in Al Ain
Al Jahili Clinic in Al Ain

Al Jahili Clinic in Al Ain- Services

Can you imagine yourself in one clinic that can provide any medical service that you may need, starting from the simplest intervention to the more sophisticated one?  In fact Al Jahili Clinic in Al Ain do as this clinic provides most of the primary  secondary and tertiary medical services such as the following:

Immunization programs

Immunization programs are vital especially for children and in pandimc as we are in covid 19 now, and Al Jahili clinic provide any vaccine you may need and through trained teams It is given safely.

Chronic illness Clinic

Chronic illnesses unfortunately affect millions around the world and need continuous follow up and through it’s specialist Al Jahili Clinic provide all services needed for people with those diseases.

Laboratory services

Tests are core for diagnosis of any disease and also so important for  periodic checks even they determine the appropriate treatment, in Al Jahili laboratory you can do any test and have accurate results.

Pharmaceutical services

After doctors in Al Jahili center give you the prescription for your case, you don’t have to look for any of  treatments in it which outside as in Al Jahili pharmacy you can find any drug in suitable prices.


People increasingly understand the effect of their food in all over life and health, and in Al Jahili clinic you can find nutritional experts who can provide you any information or advice about your diet.

Pregnancy services

During pregnancy and after it both   mother and child need special care and many medical services.  At Al Jahili Clinic, you can ensure a safe  pregnancy and childbirth through specialized doctors and helpful nurses.

Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation
Smoking cessation

It is no longer a secret for anyone how smoking can be harmful for individual and society as whole health. Al Jahili Clinic in Al Ain can be your first destination if wanna  stop smoking, as it’s experts provide advices, consultations and practical programs to put you in the right way, whether you are tobacco cigarettes smoker oe you have other things to somke.

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