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monthly installment mobile phone in uae without credit card

Anticipating the acquisition of a mobile phone through monthly installments in the UAE, but faced with the absence of a credit card or seeking alternative avenues for installment purchases? Fear not, as a burgeoning trend in the United Arab Emirates in 2021 is transforming the landscape, allowing individuals to make purchases without an upfront full payment, without incurring exorbitant interest charges. This novel approach, often referred to as “Buy now, pay later,” is gaining momentum.

The rise of FinTech startups like Postpay, Tabby, Tamara, Cashew Payments, and Spotii in the UAE is facilitating buyers to embrace installment payments devoid of interest and transaction fees. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, these platforms extend monthly installment plans and deferred payment options, accommodating purchases ranging from small items like headphones to more substantial investments such as mobile phones.

monthly installment mobile phone

Postpay monthly installment mobile phone :

This service boasts a 0% interest rate and zero transaction fees, providing users with a plethora of installment options. Depending on the seller, Postpay enables buyers to split payments in two, with half due immediately and the other half the following month, or in four installments, either bi-weekly or monthly, all without incurring interest. Postpay has already partnered with over 20 notable local and international brands, including Kcal, XDubai, The Giving Movement, Dubai Audio, and Squat Wolf.

Postpay Website

Tabby monthly installment mobile phone :

Tabby offers a secure and safe method for users to spread the cost of their purchases over time. With affiliations to over 20 e-commerce stores, including Abdul Samad Al Qurashi,, and Apparel Group, users can opt for a Tabby installment payment plan at checkout, choosing between four payments over two months or three installments over three months.

Tabby Website

Tamara monthly installment mobile phone :

Tamara provides worry-free payment solutions, allowing users to split payments into three over 60 days with no additional costs or pay in full 30 days later without incurring extra fees. Tamara supports purchases across all products and brands, excluding Apple, presenting an opportunity for credit card-less mobile phone acquisitions.

Tamara Website

Cashew Payments monthly installment mobile phone :

Cashew simplifies in-store or online payments, offering an immediate approval process at checkout. Users can choose between delaying payment over 14 days or opting for the divide service, allowing them to split the purchase cost into three equal monthly installments. Cashew collaborates with over 20 local and international partners, including Afaq Center, Morgan, Designitch, and Shopee.

Cashew Payments Website

Spotii monthly installment mobile phone :

Spotii enables customers to pay for products in four interest-free payments, with the initial 25% due immediately. After providing personal details and debit card information, subsequent payments are automatically deducted, with reminders issued for due dates. Spotii’s retail partners specialize in fashion and lifestyle, featuring brands such as Shein, Jumbo Electronics, Ajmal Perfumes, Laflor Store, The Plush Posh, and The People of Sand.

Spotii Website

In summary, for those contemplating the acquisition of a mobile phone in the UAE through monthly installments without a credit card, or for any preferred product, this emerging trend offers a secure, convenient, and interest-free payment method with a diverse array of installment options.

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