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Building blocks nursery fees 2024

Everyone has an inner desire for his children to be in an educationally prestigious position, and this feeling is generated at first sight when he sees his son about to enter the educational stage and this we find in choosing the father to the nursery or kindergarten is the best for the beginning, in this article, we will talk about building blocks nursery, and building blocks nursery fees.

What is a building block nursery ?

A uniquely planned office to give a solid and invigorating early years schooling experience for youngsters matured 4 months to 6 years. Utilizing the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Framework, joined with our Enrichment Programs, we have planned an educational program that will provide you with the solace of realizing that your kid is having a good time as he grows socially, inwardly, truly and mentally, Opened in 2011.The building blocks nursery says we don’t discriminate on the basis of age, race or ability.

Building blocks nursery dubai
Building blocks nursery dubai

What do you offer Building blocks nursery ?

Now we will talk about everything related to building blocks nursery:

  • Conventional nursery educational plan for kids age 15 months – 4years.
  • Afterschool care educational program for youngsters age 3 years – 6 years.
  • Occasion camps for youngsters matured 15 months – 6 years.
  • Creche for newborn children matured 4 months to strolling.

The affirmations technique for building blocks nursery is intended to offer guardians and chance to find out about the nursery, our way of thinking, our weight on advancement and our strategies. It likewise offers us a chance to survey every family’s circumstance and decide if we can address the issues and assumptions for the guardians.

Building blocks nursery say, Every one of our surroundings permit the kids the independence to lead their own learning venture as talented instructors work with, platform and upgrade individual youngsters’ improvement involving the ‘Arranging at the Time’ way to deal with guarantee kids’ movement of abilities are continually being observed, assessed and improved as they create through the nursery.

Building blocks nursery fees

Building blocks nursery say:

A one-time enrollment charge of $100 is expected at the hour of enlistment for all classes (all enrollment expenses are non-refundable). The fees are shown in the following image:

If you are curious about school fees, they are as follows:

Fee 3-hour

Fees Monday-Friday
September dated July 1st $ 532
October dated August 1st $ 532
November dated September 1st $ 616
December dated October 1st $ 336
January dated November 1st $ 616
February dated December 1st $ 560
March dated January 1st $ 504
April dated February 1st $ 504
May dated March 1st $ 588
June dated April 1st $ 476

Note: 3-hour expenses depend on $28 per meeting. Enrollment charge: $100.

Some parents’ opinions about a building blocks nursery

  • I am very pleased that I put my child in this nursery, and I advise every mother to enroll her children in a building blocks nursery.
  • A wonderful nursery in every sense of the word.

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