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Rafid accident report online 2024

Rafid Incident Management is a die hard loyalty that gives a-list development frameworks in the administration of minor mishaps and car crashes to the occupants of Sharjah. Drivers associated with a minor mishap never again need to trust that a watch will show up, examine and give a police report. You can do and that’s only the tip of the iceberg from Rafid in only a couple of straightforward advances. Here, in this article, what is related to Rafid accident report online .

Rafid accident report
Rafid Automotive Solutions

check your accident report

To check your accident report, you can do so by visiting Rafid’s website:

and using your accident identification number or calling Rafid for more details.

Rafid accident report
Rafid accident report

And if you are wondering about the Rafid service fee, you can pay the report fee through the Rafid website using your reference number. The service fee can also be paid on the spot or through any of the Rafid offices.

Rafid Accident Reporting Service online (app)

Salem Saeed Al Midfa, CEO of Rafid Vehicle Solutions, an auxiliary of Sharjah Asset Management Company, the speculation arm of the Sharjah government, reported the sendoff of the mishap arranging administration against an obscure individual, through the savvy utilization of Rafid, without the watch going to the site of the mishap, as of this current month.

Then, for 335 dirhams, in a move that would give the most elevated level of administration to clients, through shrewd channels that give the vast majority of the organization’s administrations, on the side of the endeavors of the Government of the Emirate of Sharjah in computerized change, and its goals to accomplish adaptability in connecting accomplices, to guarantee quality and qualification in The offered administration.

Al Midfa expressed that the means of the help to get a report on a mishap “against an obscure individual” are smooth, and happen through various advances that don’t need over 5 minutes, which are finding the report and the information of the vehicle impacted by an obscure individual, and that implies the permit number, the vehicle number and contact information, as well as Uploading the picture of the harmed vehicle, where the most common way of endorsing the mishap reports and sending them to the sellers in the wake of confirming that the pictures coordinate the spots of harm in the vehicles with the information accessible in the framework inside a greatest time of 45 minutes, and everything vendors can profit from them; It will be distributed in 3 dialects (Arabic, English and Urdu).

Rafid accident report app

Rafid accident report app
Rafid accident report app
  • Through the application, share the following information:
  • The accident location.
  • License data.
  • Vehicle data.
  • Damage image.
  • After that, a traffic expert evaluates the accident and issues a report.
  • You will receive the accident report within 15 minutes.

The mishap report is legitimate for 30 days in particular. And if you want to extend the validity of the Rafid accident report, you can do so by calling the Rafid toll-free number or visiting the Rafid offices.

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